5 Black Women That Prove Age Is Nothing But A Number

There’s an old fable that talks about the mysterious “fountain of youth.” It describes how at this one fountain, if you drink the water from it you will forever look and feel young.

Now, we don’t know if this fountain really exists, but these four women sure look like they’ve found it! Take a look at how in their 70’s, these four women don’t look a year over 40.

linda wood hoyte

Linda Wood Hoyte, Age 75
The Capricorn grandmother is a National and International Bodybuilding champion with 28 years of body building experience. In fact, her bodybuilding career has run concurrently with her 40+ year professional management career in corporate America which spanned working for five Fortune 500 companies.

She is also a certified personal trainer with demonstrated success delivering nutritional seminars and exhibiting training techniques at sports conventions and shows.

As we all know, food can make or break how you look, feel and behave. So instead of letting food control you, Linda controls food.

“Recognize your triggers,” explain Linda. “For me, it’s always been ice cream. I would buy a carton of fudge vanilla swirl, for example, planning to limit myself to just a half cup for dessert. I’d dig into the creamy mixture, have ‘just a taste’ ‐‐ and all my plans went into the trash.

Along with the empty half‐gallon carton of ice cream. Inevitably, I felt sick the next day and mad at myself for giving in.

I’d try setting up rules (‘I’ll only eat ice cream on weekends,’ or ‘I’ll only eat vanilla ice cream ‐‐ that’s safe and boring’), but those rules were a game of deception that resulted only in weight gained.”

“After you recognize your trigger foods, discover safe healthy foods substitutes.

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Ernestine Shepherd, Age 82

Baltimore grandmother Ernestine Shepherd is the Guinness World Records’ oldest female bodybuilder.

But less than 20 years ago, she was middle-aged, flabby and round woman who hated what she saw in the dressing room mirror as she tried on swimsuit after swimsuit.

“I was too prissy to exercise,” she said. “I just didn’t want to have my hair messed up. Didn’t want my fingernails broken.”

That all changed when Shepherd decided her health trumped all and hit the gym.
Here’s how Shepherd made her amazing and inspirational transformation:

She started out slow. Shepherd said she began her workout regimen alongside her sister, starting with a simple aerobics class.

Even though she thinks big, the key she says is increasing the workout steadily. Shepherd said she had never given much thought to bodybuilding until a trainer at her gym suggested she start lifting weights.

She eats smart. Shepherd’s diet may not be for everyone, but her focus on healthy foods is a lesson in restraint.

Shepherd said she eats several small meals a day as part of a diet plan she formulated with her trainers. She takes in 1,700 calories a day, mostly comprised of boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liquid egg white drink. And she is adamant that she does not use performance-enhancing drugs or even supplements beyond vitamin D.

Wendy Ida, Age 66

Even though she’s not 70 like the other women in this list, we had to include Wendy. Wendy is an 8 time award winning National Champion of top trophy awards in the NPC Bodybuilding and Figure Championships as well as a Strive to Thrive Fitness expert touring with Actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. Wendy is a frequent guest on TV and talk radio and has achieved international recognition via commercials, exercise videos, and magazines.

“It’s psychologically enriching. It’s about feeling your soul. It’s not just physical, it’s about taking your like back,” Wendy says. “At one point in time, I didn’t really know my worth. So I let someone else rule my life for 12 years. And they took my power from me.”

She is a domestic violence survivor who was in poor shape, bad health and had low self esteem. Considering all her life she was four dress sizes larger than she is today, and gained an additional 50 pounds after having two children back to back, she is grateful to have beaten the odds. She didn’t begin her own exercise regime until age 43, but she has managed to improve her health, lose 80 pounds and dwindle down to a rock-solid size 4 and hold onto it as a grandmother!