Migraines Lately? It Might Be Your Ponytail!

Side profile of a young woman sitting near a sofaSleek, professional, youthful  – all reasons you might gravitate towards wearing your hair in a ponytail every now and then. But, did you know that ponytails if worn too tight could be a true trigger to some of your worst migraines? Migraines aren’t as uncommon as you might think. According to Migraine.com, “more than 37 million people suffer from migraines in the U.S., and almost 18% of women experience migraines routinely.” So what exactly is a migraine and how does it differ from just a simple headache? The biggest difference is the many other symptoms that tend to cause suffering along with the aching of your head. A migraine will often cause nausea/vomiting, pain in the temples, sensitivity to light and/or sound, seeing spots/flashing lights, and possibly even loss of vision.

According to a National Institute of Health study, 50 of 93 females have experienced what they deem a “ponytail headache.” In the most sophisticated way of describing it the headache is caused by, “pericranial muscle fascia and tendon traction.” Basically, your hair tie is too tight and your hair is slicked back a bit too much! Here  are some solutions because not only is taking the beauty is pain statement too far NOT OKAY, but if you’re tying your hair that tight chances are you are damaging it.

Naomi MackenzieStyling Choice 

There are plenty of options to achieve the look you are going for while forgoing the pain! Why not try a lower ponytail somewhere near the nape of your neck? Half  up and down can also be helpful, as you don’t have as much hair to slick back and smooth down. I personally enjoy a low bun/ponytail. It gives me a different look and allows me to highlight my facial features.

Ponytail Holder 

As a rule of thumb, if the ponytail holder is made with rubber (even if it’s covered by material) it’s likely able to pull your hair too taut. Stick to elastics that are softer and less destructive such as Jlika Hair Ties. If you must use an elastic band try not to wrap it around your hair more than twice. Another option is to opt for a long or extra wide barrette/clip that is strong enough to hold the base of the pony in place without pain, pulling or tugging.

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