Why Wait? 7 Ways To Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions Now!

African American Black Couple Working Out In Park On GrassSure, the New Year is fast approaching, forcing us to reflect on the past year – the good, bad, and the ugly. But, if we’re being honest, there’s no better day than today, to take control of your life. So, how does one hit the refresh button with just months to spare? Check out 7 ways to jumpstart your “New Year’s resolutions” now!

1. DO write it down: While I’m not necessarily a fan of dream boards, I am a fan of regularly jotting down your goals. Because, how can you expect to hit your mark if you haven’t taken the time to write it down? Not to mention, a Virginia Tech University study found that people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times more over their lifetime than people who don’t. Oddly enough, the same findings revealed that 80 percent of Americans said they don’t have goals.

2. DON’T forget to track your progress: While this goes hand-in-hand with writing down your goals. We’d be lying if we said this step hasn’t fallen through the cracks (once or twice). Making note of activities related to your goals helps track progress and keeps you accountable, should you fall off the beaten path.

3. DO stay positive: Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “Every artist was first an amateur.” In other words, take it one step at a time. Looking to shed excess weight? Break it down into do-able, bite-sized pieces. Address poor eating habits before jumping headfirst into a rigorous workout regimen. Want to start your own business? Do your research and consult a variety of experts before taking out that business loan.