Mineral Makeup Benefits: 2 Fall Looks

mineral powderIn a world of chemicals that you can’t pronounce, let alone fathom what the short and long-term effects will do to your body, why not try a healthier route towards enhanced beauty? Mineral makeup has been used for ages, and it can be traced back to ancient cultural application practices of royalty. For example, Cleopatra, known for her astonishing beauty, rimmed her eyes with kohl, a stone-based mineral. Presently, there are many companies out there taking on this task to make beauty enhancing products such as makeup, healthy. This particularly excites me as mineral makeup tends to get a bad reputation as far as results. I am here to finally end those misconceptions of all mineral-based makeup. First let’s talk the benefits!

No More Acne 

Many of the mainstream chemical based makeup products contain fillers. These products tend to clog pores and not let the skin breathe. This can lead to acne, blackheads, as well as irritated skin.

Sun Protection 

Mineral foundations often contains ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These are both natural sunscreens. There is nothing like a healthy skin care product that comes with dual functionality.

Shelf Life 

Because these products are made without additives they tend to last much longer than their traditional chemical based counterparts. Dry, raw ingredients when stored properly can have a long lasting shelf life.

I partnered with an Atlanta makeup artist, Myia Ashford, to test out some mineral makeup and  come up with an everyday look as well as a night out look.