My Story: “Chiseling My Physique Like It’s Art”

Lea Watkins

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Only a few short years ago, Lea Watkins couldn’t even dare to dream of the woman that now looks back at her in the mirror. Before losing the weight, Lea had to first accept that she was worthy of feeling good about herself. In her own words, Lea shares her incredible weight loss story with and her journey to becoming a personal trainer and bodybuilder. 

I was big my entire life. I didn’t particularly enjoy being overweight but I never thought I was strong enough to lose the weight I wanted. I masked my pain and irritation with my wide frame by just forcing myself to be the pretty big girl. I smiled and pretended to like it but I always said to myself, “I don’t want to be this person. I hate this!” I was embarrassed to announce that I wanted to lose weight because I knew I would fail, and I knew that saying “I want to lose weight” out loud was an admission that I was overweight and it was a reality I was not willing to accept.

Lea Watkins


In late 2011 I was at my heaviest, probably about 230 lbs. I met a guy (who I’m still with today) and he was in good shape, trained as a boxer, and ate healthy all the time. I was shocked that he found me attractive and I was embarrassed about me being so big in contrast to him being fit. I didn’t want us to walk down in the streets together looking like the number 10. How humiliating! I’ve seen the memes of these couples and I laughed. I couldn’t be the latest “big girl, small guy meme.” Truth is…