Actress Yvette Nicole Brown Gets The Last Laugh On Diabetes

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown/Photo: Getty

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You know her name – as the former star of NBC’s “Community,” actress Yvette Nicole Brown has been known to inspire glee, on-and-off the small screen. In fact, according to the CBS “The Odd Couple” star, laughter not only pays the bills but it heals.

After revealing her battle with type 2 diabetes – a disease that affects the way the body processes blood sugar — Brown got proactive, partnering with the American Diabetes Association and Colgate Total, to raise awareness about the link between oral health and the chronic condition.

“I was prediabetic for 10 years. I never thought it would become actual diabetes. I don’t know if this is a community thing – I don’t want to place this on all of us – but in my family, when someone’s levels were high, it was called ‘sugar.’ Like, ‘she’s just got some sugar.’ It was really a liberating moment – if that makes any sense — once I realized that I had to make some big life changes,” Brown told in a recent interview.

Now, an advocate for type 2 diabetes, the Cleveland native is using her platform to spread awareness and encouragement by way of laughter in Colgate’s a new “Laugh Out Loud” campaign.

“That is why my partnership with Colgate [Total] is so important. They are the only FDA-approved toothpaste that helps prevent gingivitis.”