I Found A Cure For My Adult Acne

Naomi MacKenzie

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I have experienced more acne in my adult life than I ever did as a teenager. Some of my most painful and embarrassing skin moments came after the age of 23. Over the course of the last four years I have been challenged with trying to understand how my skin works and how to keep it clear. After trying so many products and medications, I now have a very strict skin care routine that when I stick to it, my skin flourishes.

The Mighty Coconut Oil

One of the biggest contributors to my skin’s success is coconut oil. Now, I already know what you are thinking. Coconut oil must be the holy grail of oils because it literally solves every issue. Sometimes I wish I could just pour coconut oil on my life, it would probably just make everything better. But in all seriousness, coconut oil is a skin saver in so many ways. Not only does it keep my skin soft and supple, it’s a great makeup remover, and its antibacterial properties help zap pimples!

See, acne is essentially just an infection of your pores, so I figured if I keep my skin clean and moisturized, and at the proper ph level I should remain acne free. The lauric acid found within coconut oil provides…