Bryshere Gray: From Almost Homeless To Hollywood

(Photo credit: Instagram)

(Photo credit: Yazz Twitter)

Bryshere Y. Gray, also known by the stage name Yazz The Greatest or simply Yazz, is probably best known by his character “Hakeem Lyon” on the hit show, Empire with Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. Hakeem is the spoiled son of a millionaire music mogul who seems to get in trouble when he doesn’t get his way. You’ve also probably seen him on the critically acclaimed biopic mini-series, New Edition, about the road to fame for the legendary singing group. Gray plays Michael Bivins.

“I’m similar to Mike — with contracts [Laughs],” admits Gray. “I’m always thinking about each job like how long is this for, and what am I doing it for? I’m just like Mike in that way. As far as being a perfectionist, I take on that part too.”

Born in Germantown and raised in West Philadelphia, Gray recently and opened up to a group of high school students, “I was homeless, and I’m on the biggest show in the world now. I’m living proof that you all can do whatever you all want to do.”

Even though he wrote his first song at age nine, he really got interested in rapping at age 16. “I was working at Pizza Hut,” Gray explains to “I was just tired. I was like ‘Is this life?’ I just graduated and