House Music Legend, Colonel Abrams, Dies At 67

The year 2016 seems to keep hitting us hard with death after death of beloved musicians and entertainers. The latest is house music legend, Colonel Abrams. He died on Thanksgiving 2016 at the age of 67.

The musician scored his biggest hit in 1985 with the club single, Trapped, which reached number three in the UK.
His death was announced on Facebook by DJ Tony “Tune” Herbert, who said: “Now he is at peace.”

Colonel Abrams, which happens to be his real name, was born in Detroit, the home of Motown, in 1949.

According to BBC News, Colonel said his music was a blend of those melodies and the hard street rhythms of New York, where he moved as a child.
“I studied all the people on Motown, and I studied the music and listened to the lyrics Smokey Robinson used to write, and just craved the opportunity to be on Motown,” he told the Associated Press news agency in the 1980s.

“But after my family moved to New York, I studied street music, and I sort of combined them both: The Detroit sound and the street sounds of New York.”

Abrams was in the group Conservative Manor with his brother Morris in the late 1960s, then sang lead vocals for 94 East in 1976. The group briefly featured superstar Prince on guitar, and recorded his song Just Another Sucker in 1977.