Man’s Haircut Leaves Him With ‘Life-Altering Skin Condition’


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A trip to the barbershop is usually therapeutic for black men: they get to talk about their issues with other men, laugh and get cleaned up at the same time. But one man’s visit to the barbershop was the exact opposite of that and left with a life-altering condition that’s become debilitating.

Wisconsin native, Keith Crowell developed “keloids” on his skin about 12 years ago, according to WITI. Keloids are described as a scar composed primarily of collagen.

When you think of keloids, most of us can imagine a growth on the earlobe or even along the base of the back of the neck. But Crowell’s keloids are different — much different.


(Photo credit: Keith Crowell GoFundMe)

When skin is injured, fibrous tissue, called scar