After Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer At 32, This Survivor Is A Pink Angel To Other Women

chantelle nickson clark breast cancerIf you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you know far too well the debilitating often life threatening symptoms and painful treatments like chemotherapy associated with the disease. But what happens after you beat the illness and return to a “normal” life?

According to Chantelle Nickson-Clark, a former advertising titan, wife, mother, and breast cancer survivor, the road to recovery is riddled with challenges. At 32, Clark revealed she “discovered a lump” under her breast during a self-examination. Though, at that time she admitted she thought “breast cancer was a disease that only older women went through.” A few weeks later – after a trip to her doctor’s office – she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Of course, this wasn’t the first time Clark had faced the terrifying disease, telling, “I started to think of how I lost my mother at 42 years old to breast cancer. Who will raise my daughter? Would I have the opportunity to grow old with my husband? So many unanswered questions filled my mind along with fear, pain and sadness.”

Shortly after, Clark’s condition began to wreak havoc on her career. “The company that I was employed with at the time, decided to terminate my contract leaving me with no income and no health insurance.”