5 Ways To Never Get Sick…Ever

Young sick woman checking her temperature , isolated

Every year, cold and flu medicine gets purchased and sick days are being used for what they’re meant for, being sick.

But what about never getting sick? Wouldn’t that be nice? There are some people who don’t or very rarely get sick and there’s a reason for that. Experts have some up with the five best steps to keep you from getting a cold:

1. Wash Your Hands
This sounds simple, but a good number of people don’t wash their hands right (seriously). If you lather up with soap and warm water and scrub for at least 20 seconds, you can remove germs from your hands before they enter your body. Just wash your hands more frequently in the weeks leading up to the holidays. No sink around? “Hand sanitizer is better than nothing.

2. Start Working Out Outdoors
Ironically, going to the gym can also increase your chances of coughing and sneezing laid up in bed. Nearly 65 percent of gym equipment harbors cold viruses, according to a study in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. Weights are more likely to be contaminated than treadmills and stationary bikes. Instead of hitting the gym, go outside and get a healthy dose of vitamin D from sunlight, which will boost your immune system. If you don’t have time to work out during the day, opt for a nighttime fitness class that doesn’t require equipment, or book a yoga class and bring your own mat.

3. Focus On Unprocessed Foods
At holiday gatherings, fill your plate with produce, nuts, seafood, and lean meats, suggests Cipullo. It’s okay to have a treat, but keep your portion reasonable and make sure it’s something you really love. “Make breakfast a priority because it’s the one meal that you’ll probably be able to have at home almost everyday,” she says. Her go-to: sprouted whole-grain toast topped with avocado slices and a hard-boiled egg.