Roasted Vs. Unroasted: Which Almonds Have Fewer Calories?

bowl of almondsIf almonds are your go-to between-meal healthy snack, you’ll be happy to know they just got better. New research shows that a handful of whole unroasted almonds offers 25% fewer calories than thought.

New data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that both roasted and unroasted almonds provide fewer calories than thought—and that the number of calories is largely dependent on form. The study, conducted by scientists from USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and funded by Almond Board of California, shows that compared to the number of calories listed on nutrition labels, participants actually absorbed fewer calories from both roasted and unroasted almonds.

In whole unroasted almonds, 25% fewer calories are absorbed, while roasted almonds offer 17% to 19% fewer calories. Translation? In whole unroasted almonds, only 123 calories are absorbed versus the 164 calories currently shown on the nutrition label. In roasted almonds, 138 calories are actually absorbed versus the current 170 calories now shown on the nutrition label.

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