Allen “Rome” Batty Fuses Hip Hop, Yoga & Art For Worldwide Inspiration

Rome Allen Beatty

Photo: Rome Allen Beatty/Facebook

There’s a new movement taking over Atlanta. It’s called Moving Art Experience, and it’s a combination of yoga, art and hip hop, used to aid individuals in their journey to finding balance, peace and release their everyday stressors.

It’s no secret that our nation is plagued with an overwhelming sense of contention, disbelief and doubt over this year’s grueling presidential campaign – all things Moving Art Experience founder, Allen “Rome” Batty, says contributed to the creation of his company. Moving Art helps people maintain their mental and emotional health by way of the holistic healing technique. So, where did his love for yoga begin?

“I was soul searching when I found yoga,” Batty, who hails from Atlanta’s Ben Hill neighborhood, recently told

“I had always been into art but yoga was new to me. It helped free me and center me. It got me into a new way of thinking. In our culture I think we are so driven to define ourselves through material objects and possessions. The idea of rejecting this theory as the center of my purpose inspired me,” said Batty.

“I knew that if it could help me in that way it would help a lot of people that wouldn’t even consider practicing yoga. Especially people from neighborhoods like where I grew up,” Batty continued. “There are so many distractions and things that come at you while you’re just trying to survive that it’s hard to conceptualize that there are other ways to live life beyond the streets, pain, violence and poverty that you see outside of your window.”