How To Blend Holiday Traditions To Avoid Step-Stress

African American familyThe holidays are a sacred time for families. So sacred, in fact, that many people scoff at the idea of straying away from longtime traditions – or making new ones altogether.

That’s usually what happens in a blended family situation. And in the U.S., stepfamilies are more common than you think. According to The Step Family Foundation, more than 50 percent of U.S. families are remarried or re-coupled. Thus, 50 percent of children are living with one biological parent and a stepparent.

With New Years upon us, it’s time to plan the perfect holiday to make everyone in the stepfamily feel comfortable. Here are some tips to celebrate the holiday as a blended family:

Find a way to maintain rituals.

It’s the little things that make the holiday season so great. Whether that’s cooking black-eyed peas together to eat as a family on New Year’s Day or sitting together to watch the midnight countdown on TV, these activities are what make the holidays at your home truly special. But in a blended family situation, perhaps stepchildren celebrate differently – and that’s OK.

Instead of forcing everyone to conform to one tradition, try blending the traditions together to form a special bond. It’s also important to create new memories that become specific to your stepfamily. Don’t be afraid to involve the kids, and hear them out, as you come up with new traditions together.