Create More Intimacy In Your Relationship Without Sex

Naomi and himAs a young woman, sometimes trying to understand what truly makes a healthy relationship can be tough. I’ve been in good, bad and ugly relationships, so I have experienced it all. When I met the love of my life, there was something very different that stood out about our relationship to me, and it remains the glue that keeps us happy and healthy.

My relationship with my boyfriend doesn’t revolve around a physical connection, but better yet a mental one. Our intimacy with each other starts from our energy-based connection built by a friendship and personal values.

Having started off in a very long distance situation, he in Los Angeles and I in Atlanta, we were forced into getting to know one another on a very deep level via the phone. Suddenly, what went from a physical attraction and the exchanging of numbers, blossomed into building a friendship and bond like I had never had with anyone else.

We spent hours on the phone (literally 5+ hours) every day learning about the other, asking questions, giving advice, telling embarrassing stories, and discussing hard but necessary topics. It didn’t take long for either of us to realize that we were dealing with our soulmate. This foundation of a mentally stimulated connection has made our relationship stronger than we could have ever asked for, and it makes intimacy between us come easy.

If your relationship has gotten to a roadblock and the only way to get turned on is through physical connections, try some of these non-sexual acts to get the love flowing back between you.

Sex in the bedroom can’t fix a broken or dulled down relationship, but intimacy can.