#WeSeeYou: Wow! 4-Year-Old Georgia Girl Has Read Over 1000 Books

Daliyah Marie AranaForget your latest book reading goals. Daliyah Marie Arana is the definition of #ReadingGoals. The Georgia 4-year-old has read more than 1000 books and she isn’t even in kindergarten yet.

Daliyah, a pre-schooler at The Gainesville Academy, read her first book at age 2. Haleema Arama, Daliyah’s mother, says she began reading to her daughter in the womb and it continued after birth when she’d overhear her siblings being read to.

“And I have two other small children too,” Haleema Arana told the Gainseville Times. “So she’d heard us reading stories to them, as well. We would literally read every day, about 15-20 minutes a day. By the time she was 18, 19 months, we realized she could recognize a lot of the words. And we kind of took it from there.”

Mrs. Arana posted a video to Youtube of a 2 years and 11 month old Daliyah reading her first book on her own.