Best Home Remedies For Corns & Calluses

African American woman pedicureNo matter the season, it’s always time to get your shoe game in order. Or should we say toe game?

Whether you’re dealing with unsightly corns or calluses, say due to those date night heels that just don’t fit properly, both hardened thickenings in the skin are equally annoying and even painful.

Fortunately for sufferers, we’ve got a long list of home remedies to reduce pressure, pain and dry, scaly or flaky skin on the most used and abused parts of your body – your feet.

From the cupboard:

Corns and calluses can be treated with popular home products including tea, cornstarch and vinegar.

Baking soda: Considered one of the best ways to treat corns and calluses, mix this cupboard staple with lukewarm water and soak. This mixture will help loosen the dead skin and promote healing.

Chamomile tea: Not only is this treatment soothing (and sweet to the smell) it will temporarily change the pH of the skin to help dry out sweaty feet. It’s important to note that the tea may stain your feet. But don’t fret, darkened skin can easily be treated with soap and water.