Foods To Avoid On An Empty Stomach

African american woman eating bagelStarving? Believe it or not, consuming the wrong foods on an empty stomach can make matters worse, like give your heartburn, indigestion and more. So, in order to help you decide what to avoid (at all costs) and what to opt for instead on an empty stomach, keep scrolling.



While some yogurts are packed with protein, they’re also packed with lactic acid bacteria. Consuming yogurt for breakfast (or any other time you have an empty stomach) can make the benefits of this bacteria ineffective.

Foods Containing Yeast

Foods like danishes and croissants – common on a continental breakfast menu – irritate the lining of the stomach and can create gas.

Processed Sugar

While we’re all aware that too much sugar is bad juju for the body, processed foods containing high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners can lead to liver damage. Sweets also boost insulin levels, in turn, increasing the load on the pancreas – a risk that may lead to diabetes. So, say bye, bye to those breakfast donuts!