Dentures Clicking? Remedies To Smile About

African American man smilingAre you noticing that you dentures are making a clicking sound?

Not only is the sound of dentures clicking as you talk a sign of painful gums from the false teeth moving around in your mouth, but it’s also a bit embarrassing if noticeable to others.

The clicking isn’t something denture wearers are stuck with. It can be stopped once you figure out exactly what’s causing them to make that sound.

Try these quick solutions to see if the clicking stops.

Eat soft foods.

If your dentures tend to click while you’re eating, it may be the kinds of foods you’re chewing on. Try chewing your food much slower or taking smaller bites of softer foods – including eggs and yogurt. Avoid sticky foods, like gum, and use both sides of your mouth to chew for balance.