Recharging After Diabetes Burnout

African American senior woman happy smilingThe day-to-day dealings that come with diabetes can slowly result in physical and emotional stresses that have more recently become known as “diabetes burnout.”

Just think about it: all the finger pricks, blood sugar highs and lows, insulin pills or injections, emotional shifts, doctors visits and –sometimes- hospitalizations can take a toll on the psyche and physique of someone living with diabetes if the stress from these things builds up over time.

That’s why self-care with diabetes is more important then ever. Sure, it can be hard to find the time for self-care amid a hectic work schedule or taking the kids to and from school or activities, but you’ll find that recharging after a diabetes burnout is much better and healthier than ignoring your body’s needs.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of diabetes burnout lately, including exhaustion from management, apathy about blood sugar management, avoiding the doctor’s office or isolating yourself from family and friends, here are some tips to recharge your body’s battery to get out of the diabetes funk.

Slow down.

The first thing to do if you’re feeling burned out is to take a look at your daily activities and schedule and find ways to slow down. Instead of hopping from a conference call straight to your child’s or grandchild’s basketball game, try taking 10 to 15 minutes to meditate and focus on your breathing.