Film & TV Actor Died By Suicide Reportedly On Facebook Live

An up-and-coming actor, known for multiple small roles, has taken his own life while live on social media.

Texas born and bred actor Jay Bowdy reportedly ended his life during a Facebook Livestream, speaking to his friends, family, and followers.

The circumstances surrounding his decision and the method by which he decided to end his own life are as-yet-unknown. However, Just before taking his life, Bowdy briefly mentioned being a married father of six.

He had his first child at 18 and got married when he was 25. He and his wife have four children together, in addition to his two from a previous relationship.

According to IMDB, Bowdy appeared in over 15 films and television shows. He was also a finalist for reality shows The Island on NBC and Big Brother 17 on CBS.

He earned his Master’s degree and was the first to earn a college degree on his father’s side of his family.

The up-and-coming actor’s last Instagram post was a week ago and seemed optimistic in tone. Take a look: