14-Year-Old Miami Girl Dies By Suicide On Facebook Live

(photo credit: Facebook.com)

For two hours late Sunday night, Naika Venant, a petite 14-year-old with a beautiful smile, planned, prepared and ultimately killed herself while streaming the entire event live on Facebook.

Nakia hung herself in her foster parents’ bathroom, according to the Florida Department of Children & Families. In a two-hour long video, Venant can be seen making a noose out of a scarf, and while the Miami Herald reported that the video abruptly ended from there, friends say that the whole thing played out on Facebook Live.

“We are absolutely horrified and devastated by the news of this young girl’s death,” Mike Carroll, of the Florida DFC, told the Miami Herald. “We will do everything we can to support this family and all those who cared for her as they begin to heal from this tragedy.”

According to the Miami Herald, one of Naika’s friends saw the live feed that showed her hanging in the bathroom, but could not get to the correct address in time because of multiple known addresses. The friend called Miami-Dade Police. Officers showed up at the friend’s house. She then gave them an incorrect address in Miami. Miami Gardens police spokeswoman Petula Burks explained that residents at that address gave police the address of her foster home in Miami Gardens.