5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ask Another Natural What Hair Products She Uses

Two African American women natural hair talkingThat moment you spot a natural with the most phenomenal head of hair. I mean, this girl’s twist out is giving you more life than any life you have ever been given in one serving. Because you want to be the giver of life as well, you decide that you just gotta know what her special blend is to making the twist out of your dreams come true.

Not the best idea.

Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t ask another natural what products she uses on her hair:

1. You don’t share the same texture.
When most naturals think of texture they think of their curl pattern. Texture is actually described by Pivot Point International Salon Fundamentals textbook as, “the diameter of the strand in addition to the look and feel of the hair.” The hair strand is categorized as being either fine, medium or dense.

Texture definitely impacts what products you use and how you go about applying those products. While you may have the secret behind her special blend that doesn’t guarantee that you will have the same exact results.

Having a texture opposite of your current hair muse could possibly lead to results that aren’t remotely close to what you had in mind.

2. You have different porosities.
Porosity is determined by the hair’s ability to absorb liquids, creams or chemicals and is categorized as low, medium or high. Porosity can impact what products you use and how you go about applying those products to your hair.

For example, those with low porosity have to invest a bit more time into making sure their hair throughly absorbs liquids, such as water and creams that are typically used for setting styles.