Baby, It’s Cold Outside: How To Dress Your Baby Properly

mother with baby daughterFor new parents, dressing your little one for the cold weather can be a nightmare. It’s painful to watch your baby cry as you add layer upon layer of clothing to go outside only to have to take off every layer once indoors again.

But is there a need for all of those layers? Some parents think not. It’s possible that all of those clothes are making the baby too warm. Others think there’s no such thing as too warm because, well, hypothermia.

So what’s the adequate amount of clothing for baby during the winter? Here are some tips for new parents.

Chilly walks
Babies don’t retain body heat as well as adults. So it’s best to dress the little one in one extra layer of clothing than you would wear yourself, according to Keep her extremities covered with gloves, boots and a hat, and add a sweater underneath her coat.