From Aerobics To Zumba: The Best Types Of Exercise For Your Fitness Goals

African American Black woman running outsideYou know exercising is good for you and that you’re supposed to do it, but what type of exercise should you do? There’s so many options beyond running and walking. Even if you ventured outside your comfort zone and tried a little yoga for a minute, there’s more than a dozen different styles to choose from!

Knowing your goals is a great place to start. Want increased flexibility? Maybe more endurance for a stronger heart? Looking to lose weight and prevent diabetes? This list will help you pick your poison – workout regimen that is!

Water Aerobics

Great for: Boosting metabolism

This low-intensity workout, often an hour in length, offers a burn between 400 and 500 calories, the Aquatic Exercise Association says. Because the water makes attendees feel 90 percent lighter, the body doesn’t experience the same impact as it would when completing the moves on dry land, making this regimen perfect for pregnant women and seniors.


Great for: Kick your flexibility up a notch

This fierce cardio workout keeps your heart pumping and burns calories fast (about 350-450 calories an hour). Even better, the total-body workout including punches, jabs and killer kicks helps enhance balance, flexibility and coordination. Target areas include: core, arms, legs, glutes and the back.