Bra Shopping After Surviving Breast Cancer

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If you’ve undergone implant breast reconstruction, you’ve likely made peace with knowing your new breasts aren’t exactly like the old ones. However, you may not have thought about the likelihood you will no longer be able to wear your old bras.

Whether you decide to live life completely without breasts, with breast forms or prostheses, purchasing new bras to fit your new body will be a daunting task at first. For Dana Donofree, the frustration drove her to create a lingerie business, AnaOno, to help other cancer survivors reclaim their sexy.

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At age 27, Donofree had a double mastectomy and after trying to find the ‘right’ bra in numerous boutiques, surgical stores and hours of fruitless Google searches – each experience ending in tears – she created her own line.

Here are a few tips for picking out a new bra and other accessories for your new beautiful body.

Follow your surgeon’s after care recommendations.

Shopping for new bras can also be an exciting experience, but don’t expect to go out right away. Donofree shared,”You may want to rush right out and buy a new bra the moment you feel better, but with reconstruction, it is a lengthy recovery process.” Your doctor will advise you how long to wear compression garments and give you the green light for when you can go back to traditional bras.

Get a professional fitting. 

Most women, regardless of circumstance, are walking around wearing the wrong size.”Throw in the fact reconstructed breasts tend to be flatter, rounder, sit higher and have a degree of unevenness, and it [finding the right size bra] can be even more challenging,” explained Donofree. Visit a shop that specializes in women’s undergarments and let the experts get your proper fit.