5 Ways To Manage Hair Shrinkage

woman wearing rollersDoes your hair have a good 5 to 10 inches difference between its length wet versus dried and straightened? I feel your pain. I actually find it – shrinkage, that is – quite fascinating. Being a natural hair’d girl I also understand that the tighter your curl pattern the more shrinkage you are bound to have. Those tightly coiled sistas have to work extra hard for anyone to see their length while wearing their hair in its most natural state. So how can one manage this without having to do damaging practices like flat ironing and blowdrying? Try any of these 5 options:

1. Banding

This method is done by putting your hair in several sections and using ponytail holders to wrap the hair and stretch it out while it is wet. It’s important to band the hair from root to tip in order to get the best elongation results. It is also important to be cognizant of how tightly you are placing the holders, as you don’t want to cause any breakage.

2. Air Dry Then Blow Dry

I’ve found that letting my hair dry 90 percent and then blow drying is much safer and healthier for it. I get to have the elongated look without the use of excessive heat. Be sure to use a good heat protectant and to take your time. Some heat from time to time is okay, just don’t over do it!

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