22-Year-Old Runs for Mayor of Detroit: “I Want To Give The Voiceless A Voice.”

Often Black women have said, “Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” 22-year-old Myya D. Jones most likely shared the same sentiments when she decided to run for the office of mayor of Detroit.

Although Jones is still a senior at Michigan State University, the Detroit native is ready to be the positive change she hopes to see in her city. She previously worked as a Google student ambassador and interned on Capitol Hill where her experiences sparked her interest in pursuing a career in politics.

“I’m really passionate about effecting change in my entire city, and I’m unsatisfied about how things are being run in Detroit,” she told NBC News. “Instead of complaining, I wanted to be the person to actually get up and do something.”

Jones credits President Barack Obama’s farewell address as her inspiration for running for office. She was moved when he encouraged citizens to run for office, if they were disappointed by their elected officials.

She did just that.

While Jones is full of ambition and has a promising future ahead, life has not always been easy for her. She was sexually abused as a child and had to take on the responsibility of caring for her five siblings when her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disease. Soon after, Jones learned she had the disorder as well.

However, she’s overcome those obstacles and is ready to serve the residents of Detroit who have yet to see any changes in their neighborhoods.

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