5 Obstacles You Should Prepare For In A New Relationship

African American couple upset argueThere is nothing like the honeymoon phase of a relationship. It’s magical and you never want it to end. Although everything is fresh and feels so right, the fuzzy feelings you get with your new boo isn’t the only thing that comes with being in a new relationship. New relationship obstacles are on the horizon, so just make sure you and your significant other are prepared to overcome them. Prepare yourself to handle these 5 potential issues:

1. Social Media Debut 

This has become an unfortunate topic of discussion in most millennial and even older adult relationships. How and if you will introduce your lack of singleness to the world is now done through pictures and captions on social media. The best way to figure out this obstacle is by discussing it and getting on the same page. Do you want your relationship displayed online? If so, how much? Is the expectation that both people will equally post things about their relationship, or is it okay for one or the other to do it more? The best way to figure this one out is to find common ground and go with what you both agree upon.

2. The Case of the Ex

Oftentimes when you get in a new situation you will need to take the time to address any lingering situations you may have had going on with other people before you got in your new relationship. Sometimes old lovers will take it upon themselves to pop back up in your life when they see that you have moved on. Hopefully you and your partner have established a level of trust so that when this happens you are able to address the issue in a non-confrontational way.