Which Of The 5 Love Languages Are You?

Unhappiness in relationships can stem from many things: a lack of communication, finances, jealousy and infidelity just to name a few. But, at the root of that discord is ultimately a difference in how we love one another as well as what we expect in return. In other words, according to Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, we each speak different love languages.

Let’s take a look at what defines each of the 5 love languages and how to apply them to your everyday life.

1. Words of affirmation: Uses words to affirm other people.

Verbal acknowledgement, compliments or even words of appreciation (face-to-face) delivered in a straightforward statement go a long way.

“That dress hugs you in all the right places.”

“You make me feel safe.”

“I love how you always…”

2. Acts of service: When actions speak louder than words.

For example, your wife has had a long day of wrangling the children, working from home and doing homework. An example of an “act” would be to make dinner and/or do the dishes (because what is one without the other).

A true act of service will require thought, planning, time, effort and energy. If done with a positive spirit, they are powerful communicators of love.