The Diet Blueprint That Helped Keep Michael Jordan At The Top Of His Game

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan/Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Michael Jordan, the man whose last name has become a verb by itself, was the first to ‘Jordan’ his career with win after win after win. Before retiring in 1995, and then again in January of 1999 and once more in April 2003, the basketball legend would set a standard of excellence by winning six NBA Championships in eight seasons as well as establish the Bulls as the team of the ’90s.

Though many credit the six-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player’s topnotch talent to a God-given ability, dedication, and a true love for the game, according to the iconic athlete, maintaining a healthy diet also played a major role in helping him tap into his potential on-and-off the court.

In an article published in the Chicago Tribune, Jordan’s trainer of eight years, Tim Grover, revealed that while the star wasn’t a “big eater,” he ate just enough to feel energized without feeling too full. With a goal of consuming five to six meals a day, Jordan’s priority was to regulate blood sugar levels – to boost metabolism – while watching weight gain.

While you might think he was chowing down on protein to fuel muscles, according to, the basketball player’s diet consisted primarily of carbohydrates: 70 percent carbs, 20 percent fats, and 10 percent proteins.

For example, breakfast may have looked a little something like: “a large bowl of oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries and raisins; scrambled egg whites; glass of orange juice.”