Traveling With Diabetes

African American man relaxing on beachWhether you travel for business or pleasure, local or international, when you have diabetes it’s important to plan ahead. The following tips will help you have a safe and hassle free trip.

Start Early

An early start is particularly important for overseas travel. Schedule an office visit with your health care provider 4 – 6 weeks before your scheduled departure date.

Bring your itinerary to discuss if you need to make changes in your diabetes routine. Time zone changes may require more or less diabetes medication. Eastward travel means a shorter day. If you take insulin, less may be needed. Westward travel means a longer day, and you may require more insulin.

Ask your health care provider for a letter outlining your diabetes regimen, including your diabetes and any other medicine you take. Your diabetes supplies should also be described in the letter.

Make sure you are up to date with immunizations.

Find out where to get medical care if needed when away from home.