Help! I’ve Been Faking My Orgasms

unhappy African American couple in bedDid you know that research suggests that as many as 80 percent of women have difficulty reaching orgasm from strictly vaginal intercourse? This means that the majority of women require a little help (toys, clitoral stimulation, etc.), are likely not having orgasms at all, or simply put, they are FAKING IT!

“Many women aren’t allowing themselves to enjoy sex, because honestly it was never encouraged that they do so. And because of this, many women aren’t reaching the point of orgasm often or even at all,” writes sexual health educator and columnist Sexpert Tyomi on her blog,

Faking your enjoyment of sex is not only detrimental to your relationship, it benefits no one. Yes, you might protect your lover’s pride/ego, but ultimately you are only hurting the both of you. After so much time lying to your partner you are bound to find yourself in a pickle when you finally decide you are ready to come clean.

This isn’t fair to either person in the relationship, and providing false confidence just to take it away is a far worse position to put someone in than to tell them early on you need to be sexed in a different way. You deserve to receive just as much pleasure as you give. Here are a few tips to axe the faking it habit.

1.  Stop the cycle.

The fake the Big O syndrome is nothing but a self-perpetuating cycle. So many women have been doing it for so long that men continue to think that thrusting like a jackhammer is the perfect way to make their woman satisfied, when in fact, most women require clitoral stimulation to reach their climax. Just think of it this way: keeping it real with your partner means one less clueless man, and one more happy lady on this earth!