How To Detox Your Lungs After You Quit Smoking

Give garlic a go.

Containing allicin, garlic is packed with anti-bacterial properties linked to lipid-lowering, anti-blood coagulation, anti-hypertension, anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-microbial effects.


Cooking with crushed garlic cloves or punching up your meal by sautéing your favorite veggie with this fridge staple.

Sip tea.

According to experts, it’s not just great for weight loss. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that can detoxify your body from years of damage caused by free radicals in cigarette smoke.


Drinking 3 or more cups of green tea a day.

White tea, lemon tea and peppermint tea are also very effective in detoxing your body from harmful toxins and chemicals.

Add chlorophyll to your diet.

To boost oxygen uptake in your body, look to this plant pigment which also cleanses blood and tissues.


  • Juiced wheatgrass
  • Spirulina
  • Blue-green micro-algae
  • Sprouted seeds

Avoid the following:

  • Processed meat
  • Frozen convenience food
  • Fast food
  • Dairies (milk, cheese and yogurt)

These foods can trigger mucus production in your lungs, in turn causing throat issues such as cough.

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