10 Ways To Burn An Extra 300 Calories In 1 Hour Or Less!

African American couple skatingNo matter which way you slice it, if you want to lose weight, the basic formula is “more out than in,” or burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis. Your method to accomplish this goal may vary. Maybe you replace meals with smoothies, or you workout twice a day, or you count calories for every bite you put in your mouth. One thing is the same for everyone looking to lose weight: the more calories you can burn throughout the day, the more likely you are to see noticeable results.

Looking for the secret to weight lost? Well, here it is: you just have to burn more calories than you consume as often as possible. That’s really the magic behind any popular weight loss program. Whether you add up points, watch your carbs, do insane workouts every day, or all of the above, the goal is to create a constant calorie deficit, which will eventually show up as a smaller number on the scale.

If you’re already working out and watching what you eat, you can still score some bonus calorie burn every day and reach your goal weight even faster. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to burn 300 calories in an hour or less, and you don’t have to go back to the gym, promise! If you do one of these everyday, you can lose an extra pound every two weeks!

1. Dance the Night Away: You finally have the ultimate excuse to guilt the crew to go out any night because you can burn 300 calories in just 45 minutes of dancing! In the words of Beyonce, “a little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody!”

2. Gardening: Make your mama proud and work that green thumb with an hour of gardening to burn 350 calories. Extra points if you start a vegetable garden to have all the healthy food you need right in your backyard!

3. Hit the Roller Rink: What better reason to dust off your old skates from ’83? It only takes 30 minutes to hit your 300 calorie target with roller skating. You can even burn over 600 calories in an hour, just skating! Just take it easy with the tricks; the falls hurt a little bit more than you might remember!

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