Feel Rich Promotes ‘Health Is The New Wealth’ With The Help Of Today’s Biggest Celebrities

The Game Feel Rich

Hip-hop artist, The Game, lives the Feel Rich lifestyle.

There’s a new movement buzzing on the scene; one which incorporates health, wellness and some of today’s biggest names in entertainment. Co-founded by Quincy Jones III in 2011, Feel Rich has found its niche by marrying the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wealth and health, all the while utilizing the influence of stars like Common, Slim Thug, The Game, Fat Joe, Paul Wall, and many more, to “ignite multicultural communities to lead richer, healthier lives.”

“We are a multicultural fitness and wellness media company,” CEO & Co-Founder Shawn Ullman tells BlackDoctor.org “We use hip hop artists, celebrities and athletes to promote health as the new wealth,” which includes aiding brands by connecting their products to fans.

“I was working for the Jones family (for the past 10 years) and I saw that a lot of these hip hop artists were actually living a healthy lifestyle but there wasn’t a platform that had them talk about it,” Ullman said of the inspiration behind the movement.

Feel Rich logo

“As you know, hip hop artists have a major influence on the community: selling cars, jewelry, clothing, music – but no one had brought them into the health and wellness space. So, I came up with the idea and pitched it to the Joneses, ‘Why don’t we create a media/entertainment company that promotes true wealth as being what’s inside and do it in a fun, aspirational way?’” he continued.

While celebrity endorsements, live events and big brand content sounds like a party, Ullman stressed the importance of the message. When asked what the term “health” means to Feel Rich, he replied, “Feel Rich promotes holistic health and wellness – mentally, physically, spiritually – it is the music you listen to, the events you attend, the video content you inject into your body. So, it’s a whole 360 holistic view.”

“For us, we really want to encourage people to make one healthy choice a day,” he added.

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