It May Be Time To Leave Your Trainer When…

African American Woman relaxing from exerciseChoosing the best trainer for your goals and personality is not easy to do. There are hundreds of trainers who promise to slim you down and make your body great again. Still, not every trainer is right for every person. When you start working out with a trainer pay attention to the signs to know if they are the best fit for you.

Even if you’ve had your trainer for a while, it might be time to move on if some of these apply to you:

When You Stop Seeing Results

In the first few months with your trainer, you might have dropped some pounds, lost inches and noticed your clothes fitting better. Of course, you can’t lose 10 pounds every week, but you should continue to see positive changes as you work with your trainer.

If you haven’t noticed change in a month or longer, ask your trainer to revamp your workouts and mix things up a bit. If your trainer isn’t open to this or the new plan doesn’t show any improvements, it may be time to move on.

When Your Trainer Can’t Be Found

You might love your trainer and the results you’ve had so far, but communication is essential to any relationship, especially a relationship that you pay for. Many trainers have lots of clients and commitments, so how they communicate and schedule your time is a top priority.

If you’re having a difficult time reaching your trainer, or they constantly change appointment times without enough notice, have a talk with your trainer and voice your concerns. If the poor communication keeps up, then you have to get up and find yourself a new trainer.

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