Remembering Internet Sensation, Auntie Fee

Internet cooking sensation Auntie Fee, also known as Chef Sista Girl, was fighting for her life after suffering a massive heart attack. But on Friday, March 17, 2017, Fee died in the hospital.

Auntie Fee, whose full name is Felicia O’Dell, became known from her simple, stripped-down recipes and her sometime raucous way of cooking while cursing at her nephew who was also the camera man. She first went viral in 2014 after posting her recipes for “good ass chicken” and “sweet treats for the kids.”

Nearly three years later, Auntie Fee’s most infamous video has upwards of four and a half million views, followed by her price-conscious segment on how to feed seven people with $3.35.

Her YouTube videos began to rake in millions of views and even landed her cooking segments on shows like Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel and The Steve Harvey Show. She even went on to appear in the movie “Barbershop 3.”

There were initial rumors from Fee’s nephew Sosten Price and sister Ayesha that the 59-year-old died Tuesday after the medical emergency. But even TMZ retracted their initial statement and said that she’s on life support surrounded by family at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after being rushed by ambulance. That all came to an end Friday when she was no longer responsive and pronounced dead.

The main cause of a massive heart attack is atherosclerosis, a coronary artery disease. In atherosclerosis, the arteries get blocked because of accumulation of plaque, making the walls of these blood vessels hard and narrow. When this happens, blood cannot circulate properly throughout the circulatory system.

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