#WhiteCoatWednesday Meet Dr. Ebony Hilton, MUSC’s First Black Female Anesthesiologist

There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a childhood dream. As a child growing up in a single parent household, Ebony Hilton thought a career as a doctor seemed far out of reach. Today, Dr. Hilton is the first Black female anesthesiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, and the accomplished physician teaches other young girls to pursue their passions.

GLOSS (Girls Loving OurSelves Successfully) is a mentorship program that ‘helps young girls feel connected and confident amid the blur of adolescence. Gloss aims to empower middle school girls as they grapple with the growing stresses of peer pressure, family and academics.

As the girls complete activities with mentors of the program and openly share the problems they deal with a piece of advice, “You should never feel like no one has your back or no one hears your voice.”

Dr. Ebony Hilton consoles a young girl in the mentorship program, GLOSS (Girls Loving OurSelves Successfully).

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