What They Don’t Tell You About Shampoo

According to US Census Bureau, shampoo is a rapidly growing part of the beauty industry, currently ranking #3 at $4.3 billion in revenue. We are definitely out here buying up the shampoo aisle. However, there is more to shampoo than just lather. Most of us search for what smells good and works, but do we really understand the rules of washing our tresses? Check out these quick pointers the next time you think about washing your ‘do.

1. The Right Choice

Every hair type requires different maintenance and shampoo isn’t excluded. Coarser hair needs more moisture whereas finer hair needs more clarifying.

2. Let’s Clarify Why You Should Clarify

Have you ever heard someone say their hair got used to something as if it has become immune to their hair products? Well, I can assure you this isn’t the case. What is really happening here is your hair is full of product (and who knows what else) and needs to be cleansed properly. Clarifying shampoo cleanses deep down in the hair shaft removing built up product. Be careful because overdoing it can create a really dry, brittle situation.

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