Chance The Rapper Has “No Problem” Opening Up About Black Mental Health

From winning three Grammy’s to donating $1M to the Chicago Public Schools, Chance the Rapper is definitely winning right now.

After the controversial cover story from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago native sat down with Complex for an in-depth interview about his life as a father and opened up about his anxiety.

“I think anxiety is also something that I’m just now being exposed to. A really big conversation and idea I’m getting introduced to right now is black mental health. ‘Cause for a long time that wasn’t a thing  that we talked about. I don’t remember people talking about anxiety; I don’t remember, when I was growing up, that really being a thing.”

And he’s right. Black mental health is not something we really talk about and when we do have conversations about the internal issues we’re having, we often told to just “pray about it.”

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