On The Way To Finding Your Purpose, Resilience & Reinvention Will Fuel The Journey


Amy S. Hilliard

Amy S. Hilliard, “The Mother of Reinvention” shares her insights on Success, Healthy Living & Loving and Entrepreneurship (S.H.E) exclusively on BlackDoctor.org!

As Women’s History Month continues to unfold, my topic for this month is especially timely: “Finding Your Purpose.”  As women, we often do so much for others that finding the purpose for our own lives often gets shuffled down to the bottom of the priority list. How, you say? I’ve gone to school, gotten my degree. Got a good job—my own business. Raising my family.  But are you doing what fuels your soul?  What moves your heart every day?

Don’t get me wrong.  I realize that we can’t always go for our dreams full force every day. But we can go for our purpose. But first, we must define, authentically, what it is.

As I say in my book, TAP INTO YOUR JUICE, we all have a purpose. God’s given each of us one, just like we each have a fingerprint—we just have to find out what it is.  It may be doing something that you love.  It may be solving a problem that gets on your last nerve and that of others. Take some time to get still and assess the moments that really move you—get you excited, inspired, angry, encouraged, motivated to DO something, no matter what.

Your purpose is there calling your name.

I know that my purpose involves inspiring others. However, going to the National Museum of African American History and Culture recently crystallized it for me. My purpose is Inspiring Others through Reinvention and Resilience.

You see, my life has been one of several professional and personal reinventions. When I asked my tribe to describe me, reinvention was the word that was consistently used about me; that I can reinvent myself from both set backs and successes. But what does that take? It takes bounce-back-ability.  Resilience.

Reinvention requires resilience.

Going through the museum I couldn’t help but see the resilience that’s in our DNA. It’s in everything we went through and…

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