Must-Know Beauty Do’s & Don’ts For Spring

smiling african american woman holding a bouquet of flowersBeauty trends this season are all about keeping it natural – minimal and effortless.

That’s right! It’s time to move from the heavy caked-up makeup trends of Instagram and embrace what your mama gave you. However, keeping in mind that we didn’t all wake up like this “flawless,” recently sat down with cosmetics mogul Vera Moore and her daughter Consuella Helms Jeune, a licensed esthetician and National Training Director of Vera Moore Cosmetics, who dished a little guidance for those looking to turn heads.

In the ‘70’s, Moore, who was born to working-class family in Queens, New York, became one of the first Black actresses contracted to a soap opera. For over a decade, the singer and theater actress turned soap opera star portrayed nurse Linda Metcalf on NBC’s “Another World.” Immediately, she was faced with a harsh reality — makeup options available to performers of color were slim.

In response, Moore, alongside her husband, Billy Helms, a veteran cosmetologist and esthetician, launched Vera Moore Cosmetics in 1979 – a beauty brand advocating the importance of natural beauty. “Our mantra is that ‘skincare is the foundation – makeup is an accessory,’” Moore previously told BDO of her brand.

Today, VMC is a family effort as daughter Conseulla has joined the team using her expertise as a Licensed Esthetician to train distributors across the nation on the growing line.

For a quick run through of must-know beauty do’s and don’ts ahead of spring and summer, keep scrolling.

Do: Scrub away!

Exfoliation will boost “cell renewal,” said Harris. This will give you the coveted “glow,” as well as renewed “clean, fresh skin.”

Don’t: Forget the SPF  

Believe it or not Black people do burn. We are also still highly at risk of developing skin cancer from UV damage. SPF a priority.

“Sunscreen is very important not only in the summer but for all year. UVA can penetrate deep and can cause skin aging and wrinkling. UVB rays can burn the superficial layers and may cause skin cancer. VMC [Vera Moore Cosmetics] broad spectrum SPF protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays,” said Harris.

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