Fit & Fine With Jacob Sumana

Sure, on social media we see a lot great bodies and “fit people” who double as personal trainers. But when you really dive deep into some of these “fitness gurus” they are nothing more than models who are trying to gain fame for their next body shot. But that’s not the case for Jacob Sumana.

Not just easy on the eyes, Jacob is also an International Men’s Fitness Competitor who grew up in Denmark and the U.S. For what began as a desire to be healthy and active has launched itself into a career that has taken him well beyond what he had ever anticipated.

“My fitness modeling and personal trainer career all came natural,” Jacob tells PopGlitz. “I used to play college football and stopped playing due to injuries. After getting rehabilitation I soon found myself drawn to the field of helping people. I soon started my Physical Therapy studies along with acquired all of the Nutritional & Personal Trainer certificates available. While going to school for Physical Therapy I started coaching people and helping people reach phenomenal physical and mental results, in gyms and online. From living the fitness lifestyle and having a competitive nature I wanted more, that’s when I started competing in fitness shows. Years of competing and helping people reach their goals, all over the world, opened up doors for me. I have since then been in various modeling campaigns, fitness magazines, featured covers, and my most recent accomplishment has been my feature in a book for youths called Dare to Dream?, inspiring the youth to reach out for their dreams.”

So of course, one of the number one questions Jacob gets is what workout keep him cut.

“My routine for staying in shape is nothing specific,” confesses Jacob. “I believe that variety is key! My 4 rules of fitness success are;

I. 4-6 workout sessions per week

II. Keep a balanced and controlled diet

III. No carbohydrates before bed

IV. Two to six cardio sessions per week.”

“What separates me from other fitness personalities is that we all have the passion for fitness, but my goals are…

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