Train The Hell Out Of Your Glutes!

bikini behindFull rear ends are a hot commodity these days; the bigger the booty, the better.

Did you know that having strong glutes does way more for you than provide curves to your backside? Here are 4 reasons to train your glutes, and train them HARD!

Improves Posture

Most Americans live a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. We spend more time sitting or lying down than we were built for and this causes our muscles to become off balance.

What do I mean by off balance? For example, if you’re sitting in a chair all day long, your hip flexor (the muscle responsible for bending you forward at the waist) is constantly flexed and becomes shorter as your body adapts to sitting. This means when you stand, you’re leaning forward more than you should (aka “duck butt” or arched lower back) and your posture is off alignment. Stronger glutes will combat this, as the glute muscle pushes your hips forward as you walk and stand.

Why do you care about posture? Posture can make you look instantly 5 lbs slimmer. Who doesn’t want a bonus 5 lbs?

Helps Stabilize/ Create More Efficient Movement

Glutes are king of lower body movement. It is a large powerful muscle that’s there to take on much of the load of our everyday movement. If your glutes are weak, other muscles must chip in to pick up the slack and this can cause a chain of problems throughout the entire body.

Every muscle in your body has a specific job in movement and aiding movement. Efficient movement happens when every muscle is doing their job at its peak performance. The result is less pain; leaving you feeling younger, longer. It also ties into out next benefit of training glute muscles: preventing injury.