My Story: “Sometimes You Have To Look Back To Remind Yourself”

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There are many before and after weight loss transformations all over the web. Some great, some not-so-great. There’s even some that people use to just so you can buy something. But then there are some that literally make you say “WOW” because of their honesty and transparency on their journey to weight loss.  One of those is definitely Danaka, better known as @Danakafit on social media.

Dana pulls no punches when it comes to her weight loss whether good or bad–that’s why we love her. She’s totally transparent about what it took to reach her weight loss goals and when and where she may have stumbled. All in all, she’s one of the most giving online personalities when it comes to weight loss.

At her heaviest she was over 240 pounds, then she got serious about her weight and dropped over 100 pounds naturally, to get to 130. But then a tragedy happened and she fell back (like many of us do) and her current weight according to her instagram is 175lbs.

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Take a look at Danaka’s journey from her own words below and you’ll see why you need to follow her too.

“I was a chubby little kid, slimmed out in high school, because of unhealthy eating habits, then packed on the pounds in college,” explains Danaka on her Instagram. “Thereafter, I was always on “diet” but never successfully lost weight or maintained any lost weight over a period of months. Emotional eating and addictions to junk foods along with unhealthy habits prevented me truly enjoying my life. I was over 240lbs. I stopped weighing myself and I kept getting bigger. I have very few pictures of this time because I didn’t want any record of it. I thought I was large framed “big boned” and this would just be my life.”

“On New Years Eve 2013, I went to a party where I was the only ‘Big Girl’ and I hated myself for it. I felt insecure, uncomfortable, ashamed and in that moment I decided that I did not want to feel that way anymore.”

“In Jan 2014, I started eating a salad for lunch. Each month after I challenged and pushed myself. I had to get the eating part under control. I started working out and continued to lose weight. In July 2014, I started working with a…