4 Simple Ways To Rekindle A Friendship

African American women friendsFriendships are an important aspect of life. They give us fun, laughter, someone to confide in, and in some cases an extended family. As we grow, there are phases in our lives where certain people can get left behind. Some friendships have somewhat of an ebb and flow rhythm to them.

There are points in our lives when time apart is necessary, but we have to recognize when those times are, and when those times aren’t. According to life coach Vicki Field, “Even if a lot of time has elapsed, it’s worth saving those nurturing friends who know you deep down and who you can confide in and call in a crisis.”

Try any of these options for getting old friendships back on track.

1. Use social media.

As cliché as it might sound, technology has really made it easy to get in touch with people. When you haven’t spoken to someone in quite some time it can be difficult to pick up the phone and call someone to break the ice. This is when social media works to your advantage. Try reaching out with more than a greeting. Maybe give them a quick update on your life. It can lighten up the situation and make them feel more open.

2. Meet on common ground. 

Did you guys love a particular coffee shop in college? Maybe invite your friend out to that same spot. It’s a great way to remember the good times, and reignite the positive memories that you both shared.