A.J. Johnson: Fit, Fine & 56!

Actress, choreographer and fitness icon AJ Johnson, best known for her roles in House Party and her appearance as Jody’s mom in Baby Boy, is putting women half her age to shame with her body, fitness routine and health regime. She has transformed into a celebrity fitness coach boasting some celebrity clients such as Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway and Gabrielle Union.

The New Jersey native’s college days in Atlanta were crucial in serving as a wake-up call to her health. Her mother died of thyroid cancer just two weeks into her freshman year.

“She made sure I didn’t know [she was sick] before I left for school,” said Johnson, still hurt by the memory. “My dad told me that she wanted me to go to college and do well with no worries about her or her health. No one in my family told me about it at her request. It all happened so quickly. I was 17 and just leaving home. I never had a chance to say goodbye.’’

Her mother’s unexpected death took a tremendous emotional toll on the then-teenager. Johnson says she used her pain to dig deeper into her schoolwork and into her dual majors of chemistry and psychology. Through her classes, she began to realize the damaging impact the wrong foods could have on the body and mind and discovered the importance physical activity had on a person’s overall well-being.

“While others in those classes were there to get their degrees, I was there for much more,” remembers Johnson. “I was there in part to learn more about my own health and honestly, out of fear and to gain understanding of how my mother died.”

Then in 2001, she was dealt with another blow: her father died of cancer as well.

In 2016, Johnson posted a photo on instagram of her insane 8-pack and explained that she’d decided to go above and beyond to get the perfect abs.

“A project said they wanted a female with a 6 pack, but when I showed them my 8 pack,they gave me my filming start date before I left the room. I decided that in 2016, I’d rather be overqualified than not enough,” she wrote.

But she used this opportunity not to shame anyone else, rather than lift up those who may be struggling with their health and fitness goals.

“Are there things that didn’t happen for you in 2016 because you were not enough, while others were busy being more?” she asked. “Write down 6 situations where you felt like you were not enough last year… then write down 1 new choice for each situation that will now help you win- lead you to being the more that will help you love you more in the new year! ????????GO!! ❤️AJ #beready #getready #rockyourbetter”

(Photo credit: AJZone instagram)

AJ added that getting the body you want doesn’t have to be a secret. In fact, she broke down her diet that got her here in the first place.

“Here is my current meal plan,” she confessed.
“No sugar,
no added sodium,
25 gms added fat daily (almonds/avocado),
1 gallon water daily,
4oz protein 6xs a day,
1 cup fresh vegetables 4xs a day,
4 tablespoons basmati rice a day.”

The fit 56-year-old also posed naked let folks know that she’s real, in this “instagram-filter” ruled world.

“#Nofilter #Noedits #noretouching Because we live in a time where real, inside and out, is replaced by so much fake that I wanted you to know that real DOES exist,” exclaimed Johnson. “Because I wanted to be an example of accepting that I am fabulously flawed and need NO filters…. On how I think nor how I look. Because my mosquito bite and chicken pox scars-baseball and gymnastic bruises left life long marks that are a part of what made me the woman I am today– to cover them would mean you cover me… I wear my scars with more pride than any designer clothes. Because my tattoo represents my vine of growth-the rose I have become- the woman I blossom into with each valley – each challenge- each heartbreak and broken dream I survive. Thank you #bfwmagazine for stepping outside the box and not putting me in one. THIS is MY #nakedtruth