Heartbreaking: Man Kills Wife And Student In Classroom Then Kills Himself

What would make a man do something like this? I mean, no married or divorced person today would tell you that their relationship was without issues, right?

That’s what makes this breaking news story even more heartbreaking–that and the fact that the man said nothing when he opened fire on his wife.

A gunman, who has been identified as Cedric Charles Anderson, 53, of Riverside, California, opened fire in an elementary school classroom Monday in San Bernardino, killing his estranged wife, a teacher, and an 8-year-old student before fatally shooting himself, police say. Another student, 9, was also wounded.

Anderson was not targeting students and the murder-suicide is believed to have started from a domestic incident, police stated.

The teacher has been identified as Karen Smith, 53. Smith was a special education teacher, according to the school district’s website.

The deceased student has been identified as Jonathan Martinez, 8. The 9-year-old student who was also wounded has not been named. As of 9pm EST on Monday evening, he is in stable condition, police said.

According to Heavy.com, there were 15 students and two adult aides in the classroom when the shooting occurred.

Police were called to the school at 10:27 a.m. Monday for reports of shots fired and an active shooter. They responded within four minutes and found the gunman and teacher dead inside the classroom, with two students suffering from injuries, police said.

Information about Anderson, the victims and the incident is still unfolding, but we do know that Cedric Anderson posted a video on Facebook in February talking about his love for his wife. See below:

“What I love about my wife, boy, she is making me really happy,” Anderson said in the video. “She knows when to ignore me. That makes a happy marriage.”

Anderson and Smith had only been married for a few months (they got married on January 28, 2017) and were separated, Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said at a press conference. Police have released few details about the gunman’s motive. A police spokesman said they do not believe the school had any indication of a history of domestic violence, a restraining order or any other issues between the teacher and the victim that would have prevented him from being allowed on the campus.

What’s even more strange is that a month ago, in a facebook post on March 11, Anderson wrote, “My wife Karen Smith-Anderson is an Angel!!!” And on March 10, he posted, “Date Night!!!”

So were there any signs that he would attack? Did he do something that other his wife may have missed? Police are still investigating, but they have found that he had a previous criminal history of battery before his marriage.

Smith’s mother, Irma Sykes, told the Los Angeles Times her daughter “decided to pull away” from Anderson after the couple had lived together about a month.

“She thought she had a wonderful husband, but she found out he was not wonderful at all.
He had other motives,” Sykes said. “She left him and that’s where the trouble began. She broke up with him and he came out with a different personality. She decided she needed to leave him. She was going to divorce him.”

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